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Foot, Bigfoot and Littlefoot

Humans in our present form can more or less be called, "Foot" for the purposes of this essay. What inspires this post on the topic of humanoid creatures and the nature of skepticism is recent news of a genetics study that suggests that a "mystery" species interbred with the ancestors of modern humans between twenty and fifty thousand years ago. 1

Debate will continue for some time to come on what the species was, what its aspects were and how its DNA have influenced homo sapiens. What we can be sure of is that there will be at least two camps. Actually, there will end up being exactly two camps, because systems tend to bifurcate and this is why we have debates in the first place. One camp will argue essentially that there was little noticeable effect, and the other will say something diametrically opposed. What's certain is that both groups of academics will manage to make a living for themselves in the process.

So what if the mating of species unknown  and the more familiar homo sapiens was the very spark that kindled the fire of civilization? Or might the mingling have brought an end to the mythical Atlantis? On a long enough timescale, the evidence for all things declines to zero. Perhaps genetic data is all we will one day have to remind us that there was ever a creature that called itself homo sapiens. It's a bleak thought for some, but a heartening one for those who hope we continue the dynamic dance of change and growth. For others, these are unimportant matters, as ephemeral as myth.

Bigfoot is supposed to be a myth, and for many mainstream thinkers, that's all Bigfoot can ever be. There are more than a few in the skeptic community that would immediately begin making slanderous assertions if a dead Bigfoot were deposited in their presence. The purpose of skepticism is personal and psychological, not scientific. Skepticism is a defense mechanism evolved by the brains of those too fearful to cope with the possibility of what practitioners call other. In psychology, we call the more rabid forms of skeptical expression, reaction formation. 2

Littlefoot is already proven and a foregone conclusion. 3 This creature walked the earth, or at least the Indonesian island of Flores as recently as 18,000 years ago. That puts the so-called "Hobbit" in the range of recent human memory, and throws any discussion derisive of undiscovered hominoid species into the realm of foolish and careless speculation. To deny the possibility of a creature like Bigfoot when we know that there was very recently (and possibly still living today 4) a smaller version of our own species in the world is silly. There are certainly other terms we could use in this regard, but "silly" carries the proper tone: Skeptics have for centuries derided the credulous, when it is really they themselves who are motivated by base emotions and who engage in the most ludicrous forms of sophistry. No serious scientist should ever consider themselves a skeptic; the spirit of inquiry that once informed the scientist is the purest praxis of all.

In a 3/3 proposition, the existence of Foot and the former existence (and possible continued existence) of Littlefoot brings us to 2/3. Why then, with a 67% accuracy rating already established, should we even think to deny outright the existence of Bigfoot? How is such a creature unreal or unlikely? Moreover, since it is by description --- and in imagery 5 --- apparently at least humanoid, is it not also likely to be a relative? Such a creature could very easily hide in remote wildernesses and even potentially very near to human habitation. The reason for this is obvious: Such a creature, in its natural environment, might very well be superior to homo sapiens.

Imagine for a moment a form of human being so perfectly wedded to its environment that it has no need of advanced tools, complex shelters, fire, recognizable behavioral routines or social order - in short, an apex predator dangerous in its own right and physically superior to virtually every other creature it encounters. No less, it is a skilled ambush predator, capable of concealing itself in the wilderness with relative ease and almost total certainty of remaining undiscovered by the species that constitutes its primary competition for resources on the planet - Homo Sapiens. Perhaps we have overclocked our version of Bigfoot here at the Lamp, and made him a character fit to join the Avengers. But the point must carry; this creature at home in the wild might make regular mockery of any and all attempts to find it for two clear reasons. First, it is intelligent, and second, it does not wish to be found.

This brings us to a topic it would seem is inevitable, although it is only rarely raised in these types of discussions: What does tomorrow's human being look like? We assume a great many things as a species and within each civilization our species gives rise to. Each discipline assumes much about the world around it, and can comprehensively declare a thing to be true, only to have it quashed by a contending discipline. This is in fact precisely what the Vicar just engaged in earlier, claiming that "rabid" forms of skepticism are a psychological defense mechanism. The point is that these are games and manipulations of language which human beings engage in so that we can feel in control of the world.

Some say that tomorrow's human being looks like a Grey alien, or LAM as drawn by Aleister Crowley. This assumes environmental conditions that would bring about such a version of homo sapiens. But a great catastrophe could also sweep the globe clean of technical and political and social man, reducing the species to a mere remnant without memory of its former glories. In such an age, particularly in such an Ice Age, might not a being like Bigfoot come to prominence? Could our potential successor already lurk in the woodlands and mountains, awaiting our doom?

Recently, the Vicar returned from a journey to the Far East and the flight path took his plane over the thick forests of Alaska and Canada. As the Vicar looked out his window at the dark and endless expanses of green he realized there was a near-total absence of the usual signs of human interaction with the environment: No roads, bridges, gray and drab tan patches indicating towns and cities, ordered and ribbed agricultural squares or any of the other telltale signs of civilization. How regularly traveled are these regions? How well-known are they? It is absolutely the case that vast stretches of the earth go without human tread for very long stretches of time. It is absolutely the case that a species could remain hidden from us in any number of climes and biomes; the oceans are but one example of a biome about which we know comparatively very little. 6

The arrogance and the fear that combine to create the attitude that any cryptid "can't exist" is neither surprising nor upsetting. These are common factors in the human comedy, like the arguments of intellectual giants who declared that space flight was an impossibility early in the 20th Century.

There is little need for argument regarding the unknown things of this universe and of this world; people of quality and courage and investigatory spirit will always seek the truth. They will just as surely be opposed by those who fear change and who find threats to their personal sense of order in the slightest hint of mystery. In childhood, we all have fears. Some of us cover our heads with blankets in the dark. The Vicar's warders gave him a little sword and told him to slay the monster in the closet. Others seek to capture the beasties of imagination's edge. Such is the human comedy.

Littlefoot was a fact, and perhaps he still is. As for Bigfoot, the future awaits his discovery. Foot is another matter entirely. The future awaits Foot's demise --- for it will, as all things must --- change or die.


Aurora and Columbia

Aurora means dawn.

Columbia is the goddess America - the old pagan American faith symbol of Sophia-Athena-Artemis - the goddess of wisdom-war-harvest. They are conflated and reduced to pure symbolism in the mystery cult that forms the core of the Hermetic tradition. These are the mechanisms that present the most horrifying magic of all: That which weaponizes the absence of magical activity.

At Columbine we experienced the ritual death of the Republic, murdered by the old symbol of American power and ingenuity: youth. At Aurora we experienced the dawn of the new imperial era. These events have mystical, metaphorical significance to those responsible for their orchestration.

Columbine occurred on 4/20/1999. To those initiated in the mystic secrets, the significance was obvious. Twelve students died. Aurora occurred on 7/20/2012. Again, initiates recognize immediately the power of the date. Twelve members of the audience died. This is the blood libel paid, and it has nothing to do with monotheism. This is a pagan blood libel, evocative of key numbers and associations. The same elite that worships Moloch and Astarte also fears certain herbs and rites and rituals. It has sought for some time to undermine the right of the young to rebel, the right of persons to control their bodies, and the right of individuals to utilize spiritually powerful herbal and alchemical magic. Thus, 4-20 undermines the marijuana culture. The year 1999 has the inverted 666, and it must be a year for mystic sacrifice. The elite mystics do not order these events by date; the elite mystic sees the date and knows he must orchestrate an event. Their power is also their insanity. Aurora was 13 years, 3 months from the Columbine event. Mystically, they are linked by a numerological bridge.

Why Colorado? It is the red frontier, the dawn country, the land where the plains meet the mountains. It is a place of transitions and transformations. It's weed country and back country and rebel territory. Everybody wants to visit, at least once. It's the rugged land representing the Western promise of an expanding frontier. If innocence should die, it must be slain on just such an altar; here Columbia dies, and her hope for human dignity and freedom is intended to die with her. And in an age of mass media and electronic communication, the temple is in every citizen's home. The ritual is projected into our living rooms.

Logic and modern science neutralize the old pagan beliefs publicly, but they cannot fully penetrate the human individual unconscious, and thus their stock in the collective unconsciousness is profoundly limited.  There are hard and fast rules for human behaviour, directly contravening the certitude of the randomists.

In the absence of an actually eschatological, apocalyptic or otherwise emphatically watershed event, a certain sort of human being will go mad. Contrary to the nonsense about unique snowflakes, there are a finite number of human identity types, which are interfaced with varied dimensions like demeanor, biology, cognition, affect and behavior. Intention is sometimes a factor. A percentage of people will be unable to tolerate the lack of a significant 2012 payoff. Some people actively desire and embrace the ending of the world. In its absence, it may become an actuality. The Hermetic tradition is - like Buddhism and Kabbala and the Christian mysteries - about the union of opposites.

Athena's Men are not easily put off from their task, and the impending storm (onrushing chaos) is not to be feared. There remains a central being, an originator. It is in fact blasphemy to idolize or humanize the central One. This is important. Do not forget it, for it is the way to salvation and the way to awakening. Then you may hear, and then may you be delivered.

There is a schism in the Hermetic world. There are the Owls, who serve an ancient Classical purpose, and there are those who have usurped the symbol for dark occultism in support of cruel repression. Some call on a just God for the deliverance of humanity through awakening to truth and liberation. A glorious age of enlightened questing is sought; a time of wisdom and the seeking after knowledge is intended. Others hope for and actively work toward a darkness. The snuffing out of the dawn is essential. Thus, we have Columbine-Aurora, an occult ritual of diabolical purpose. What's more, even if no dark agency manipulated the killers, the outcome in terms of meaning is unchanged. Synchronicity is not random and meaningless. When it occurs, there is an important message for humanity to discover. Either way it is Darkness at work, and this Darkness has both intelligence and personality. And it rules our leadership.

We cannot afford to lose hope or enter despair. We cannot be convinced by mystic ritual and the unconscious metaphors of power that the age of free citizens is at an end. The new order wields tremendous power, but as always it fails to take into account the power of the people to ignore, to discard, and to render illegitimate. Those who collectively deny power have effectively eliminated it, since even the most brutal and repressive regime cannot kill all of the people. Rulers need someone to rule. Total failure to cooperate yields a complete breakdown of the order sought by the elite.

Unless the goal really is radical reduction of the population.

"The only thing we have to fear is fear itself."
Franklin Delano Roosevelt


El Diablo del Maiz

Migrant workers in the Southern portion of Illinois have been whispering for two decades about a monster called the "Corn Demon" or "Corn Devil", commonly referred to as el Diablo del Maiz. This is purported to be a creature largely reptilian in form, likely a serpent. Some accounts claim it has at least two arm-like appendages about three feet down the body from the head. These are said to end in three claws, about 5-6" in length, colored glossy black or a tan fading to deep brown. The details are usually sketchy beyond this; encounters with this creature are generally fatal for at least some individuals.  Witnesses tend to be few and far between, usually claiming to be sole survivors of parties of migrant workers virtually wiped out when crossing corn fields in the dark. Some disappearances are said to even occur in broad daylight, during field work.



Some seriousness, now, rather than more weird satire you can barely decipher. While I deeply enjoy remaining as cryptic as possible, there is a time and place for such things and this is neither.

Depending upon which Astrologist and which school of Astrology you ascribe to, the United States is arguably governed by the sign of Gemini.


On the Novelties and Troubles of Tomorrow

Dear Realliant Technologies:

I am writing to inform you that our Kennedy (the JFK model 11 series) is not functioning properly. For the first two weeks he was absolutely spectacular, but we are sorry to inform you that his behavior and functioning have deteriorated rapidly over the last two days.


The Secret Language, Unit 2

What the word creates is form, such that thought energy is given a definite series of boundaries by which to operate in space and time. The nature of thought is both ephemeral and metaphoric; this is the precise reason why so much of the occult tradition is complex and difficult to understand. One will note a certain indifference amongst the greatest practitioners toward accolade or notice, since the purpose of much working is to operate in a subliminal way, molding ideas and forming memes. These are then of use to the worker in spirits and arts as a means to support other agendas and operations across the human collective consciousness. The collective unconscious is yet another matter; this must be delicately manipulated and carefully seeded. The more powerful the "wizard" the more subtle the triangulations and implications that are set before the vulgar crowd. Thus is the unconscious mind of the individual keyed and triggered, and responses may be predicated upon these triggers such that the individual becomes like a puppet.