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An Owl's Prayer

Venerable One, She who watches over my flock and fields, and makes my way smooth across seas, I thank you for your protection, love and wisdom. May you always watch over me and mine. May we always remain devoted unto you, aspect of the one Creator, in whom feminine power and masculine strength are distilled in equal measure. Defend us from the Workers in Darkness, the wily wizards who have absconded with 1/3 of the Way. These passing emperors shall rule but a day in your timescape, sacred Goddess. Let us be triumphant in petty battles and wider wars, all. Let Ares not desert us in our hour of need, nor Zeus fail to bend the winds and tempests to our needs.

Where there is dark working, so shall there be light. Little is it understood, "As above, so below," for the seeker after power is swift to cast aside remembrance of the eternal truth --- light and dark are divided for a reason. That which creates will uplift. That which conceals or otherwise destroys will bring down. They who have sold themselves to the likes of LAM were undone in the first moment. Ours is the eternal order. From origin to eternity we will walk and work in the name of the One Creator and for all the One Creator's aspects to bring forth hope, and liberation, and justice.

It is said, "Do as thou wilt," but rarely is it finished, "with expectation of reaction." To be sure, one may do anything. But one must not forget that the energies of creation are not unbound. To every action is a matching reaction. Do evil, and evil will come back to you. Even the lowest witch understands this. There are stage magicians with a better understanding of the secret language than is seen in the mightiest of those world-ruling charlatans with their secret rites.

Let us be a light in the shadow. Let us be a beacon in the dark. Let our working wield power, mighty Creator. Let us never fail you.


The Secret Language, Unit 1

Any proper wizard knows that the Secret Language is the metaphorical "resonance" of the Creator's will active in the world around us. By another name, this is "synchronicity" and it is no coincidence that Jung was a sorcerer of no mean skill. Afterall, he masqueraded for decades as a psychoanalyst and managed to present the world and more specifically the scientific & medical communities with a proposition regarding causality so profound that it has yet to be refuted. Synchronistic events and circumstances abound, and generally speaking, people of reasonable intelligence notice these things and have difficulty personally discounting what is personally relevant. I may determine that your synchronistic story is bullshit, but I will not come to the same conclusion about an incident that raised my own hackles. I might rationalize it away, but my inner awareness will know the difference.



For Zion

"Flow, Son, Flow"

He was the kind of person who would dress as Santa for Halloween. He was also the kind of person who sold pater nostra for hugs, exchanging desperation for recitation. He found chaos not entirely to his liking, and had determined long ago upon the practice of symphonic harmonies, subtly inserted into otherwise conventional discourse. He was, in short, a man for our times and a man for all seasons.

That last part we are ripping off, but today's paean is one of leave-taking, for the Vicar soon sends a peace-warrior into the aether, admittedly of said peace-warrior's own design and devices. From the rolling hills and verdant river plain of the mighty heartland to the wave-brushed golden strand, there goes our hero. Watch him as he goes.

Okay, there are plagiarized bits all over this piece, but you'd really have to know the man to understand. Follow a good wind and with a good following wind you will doubtless travel far. Gnomes, respectful of his challenges and his boastful if sometimes greenly wasteful envies shall defend him in spite of his skepticism. And in time, no Shaman may remain sans faith, since faith is the Shamanic Business. Also, Everett inevitably salutes him, though Everett inevitably burns enviously as well. So it is, and we will likely miss him.

In a world like this, we need more men such as he. Prepositionally speaking, he presupposes much, and a grand assumption is often a path to ruin. But we must also be open-hearted, minded, handed and pride-less to remember this: Also glory follows the brave, as if it were a good following wind.  

Audaces fortuna iuvat.

If Mount Zion be holy so too the sea, the land and the air. If the good things of the Earth be for men, then so too for women and children also. And if desperation is not a sufficient cause for overcoming loneliness with the wise use of these fonts of creation, then some other motivation will match the matter well. It is fitting that a good man should ask, "Why not share?"

To the littlest place we send our biggest, and let him best what evils he may find. No blessing is without its curses, but these go blind in proper light and wander off into the margins of marginal marvels. Alien 11th-Dimensional Gods are watching, so best steer clear of the DMT elves for Aishu's sake. Take down the turban and wear the red/green hat for free.  Or freedom, as the case may be. To walk patient wise in the way of the trickster is to wake warriors to the cause of wellness and peace.

Generosity profits a man little, save for when he measures his wealth by respect and honor. Not everyone recalls the old watchwords for what they are, but a good knight keeps the faith and walks the path without regard for blank stares and blanker verses. No words deter a spirit unleashed. Let not shadow nor fog disturb his goings and comings, and let particular spectacular piece be his reward. Or pieces --- as the case may be, for a lover should have his loves --- as God is just, and likely to bare witnesses.

So just chill - Til the next episode.