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In Defense of Liberty

Liberty needs no defenders. Liberty is a fact, a rule by fiat by the people of their own personal lives and personal spaces. This is the essential truth our Founders understood best - That liberty cannot be conferred because it cannot be taken away. Liberty is. It simply exists as the natural condition in which all intelligent beings find themselves, and the later conditions imposed by a will to collective security are simply the surrender of liberty.


The Great Dying

It is coming.

Realization is the first step, and we must take the first step if we are to take any journey. The Great Dying is coming, and there is little that we can do about it. The end times are a bucket of hogwash, in which even pigs will not bathe, but all the same a change and a dire wind are on their way.

No empire is permanent, and no elite class has ever been totally insulated.

In the chaos of total dissolution, bodyguards become bandits and organizations become robber bands. The very systems upon which we depend become the mechanisms by which we are destroyed. But despair and depression are not the answers to this undeniable fact. Denial will not save us any more than bitter acceptance will. The Vicar will hold up a lamp, and the wise man will follow.

The Kingdom has always lain just beyond our reach, just beyond the limit of the steps we are not willing to take. We must eschew the things of this world and transform our inner identity. The sickness of bitter persons, broken by time and ravaged by the forces of disapproval are the sicknesses they deserve. The Baby-Boomer and the Middle Class Citizen are the new enemy, responsible for this coming downfall. But it is the elites, the "haves" who will pay in blood. No call needs to go out, as it is an inevitable force of history that seems somehow to be overlooked. There is no safe haven.

The great ones in every age of decline are faced with difficult decisions. Since they are great only through the power of language and identity marketing, they are forced to look to others for defense. And this is always a limited bond, dependent upon the power of a social system to endure long enough to confer wealth and rank upon those who will do the bidding of the master class. When the social decay is rapid enough, the truly strong and ferocious simply kill their masters and usurp the throne. So it will be soon.

This is not good news. The elites surely deserve what time and history will provide, but the rest of us will end up crawling under the threat of the whip. The new elite will be barbaric, and cruel and dedicated to shoring up power gained in the only genuine fashion known to this primate species. Political power is the result of acquiring the power to kill. No other reality exists. Humanity remains fundamentally hierarchical and feudal in organization. Any differential from this reality is obviously propaganda. The quality of our lot and the level of generosity our artful and misdirecting nobles give us is of little importance. We must recognize who butters the bread, on which side, and to whom the bread is handed. We must be ready to hit the ground running and the water swimming. Don't get caught with your pants down.

We have so much to fight over and so little to argue for peace. The water will soon run out and the oil is being gamed like a mother-fucker. The generation of yesteryear has stolen as much money from tomorrow as it possibly could. The governments are totally without veracity, and in turn the principle and central element of legitimacy is at best a fiction. Many Americans believe fictional narratives not of the past or out of literature, but of the present day and current events.

Insanity is becoming the norm.

Soon will be the Great Dying. Prepare yourselves. Do not think to fight, but rather focus on survival. No surfer can ride this wave.


Standard Bearers & the Solutions of the Past

Is it fair that so many have so little while so few control the majority of resources on the planet?

Alien Life & Visitation: Propositions and Questions

That the UFO phenomena are not entirely imaginary or fantastical; that some tiny percentage thereof represent examples of alien incursion. These are realistic and even actual events in some handful of cases. Fraud and reactionary behavior may account for much but not all activity. The few cases that are very compelling may be accounts of actual alien interaction or intervention. Several human preconceptions and misconceptions are called into question. Several angles must be analyzed. This is a matter of human safety and survival.

Panspermia is quite logical. The notion that the universe is a place for varied and numerous life forms in various states of advancement and complexity is at least statistically more likely than ideas to the contrary.